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Innogest announces Capital II final closing at...

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Docsity raises 400 k euros from international...

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Raymond McCauley: biotech and the startups ecosystem




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Il 3 dicembre a Milano l'evento di chiusura della sessione autunn [...]

Serena Errico, 39 anni, dopo la maternità ha mollato un posto fisso in [...]

La struttura gestita dalla Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, seconda i [...]

Il packaging esterno è un elemento trascurato o assente nel commercio [...]

Funding News

D-Orbit, a new round and the first space mission

Oct 7 | 309 Views | No Comments

D-Orbit, the Italian space startups and benefit corporation, announces a new funding round of 1.83 million euros. This new capital adds to the recent funding of 1.2 million euro loan granted by Unicredit thanks to the central public fund of guarantee for innovative startups. The company, which has...

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The runners up part 2, Berlin, the last of the International Startup Hubs Grand Tour

Feb 9 | 595 Views | No Comments

Last week, in my article “The runners up, NYC and Berlin are making a big noise to attract the best startups. Should SF and London worry? Part 1 (NYC)” I shared my thoughts with respect to the New York startups ecosystem, postponing to a subsequent article to tell about the young and...