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Start Summit 2015, the startup event made...

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INCENSe first open call, 230 applications from...


Smau Berlin, international debut for the best...

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The runners up, NYC and Berlin are...

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INCENSe first open call, 230 applications from clean-tech and energy startups

Feb 10 | 139 Views | No Comments

230 applications from 30 European countries and 1 from Israel. Over 50% of the applicants came from Spain and Italy while 85% of applications were presented by SMEs and the remaining 15% by individual entrepreneurs. These numbers express the results of the first INCENSe open call, closed last...

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The runners up part 2, Berlin, the last of the International Startup Hubs Grand Tour

Feb 9 | 153 Views | No Comments

Last week, in my article “The runners up, NYC and Berlin are making a big noise to attract the best startups. Should SF and London worry? Part 1 (NYC)” I shared my thoughts with respect to the New York startups ecosystem, postponing to a subsequent article to tell about the young and...