SiamoSoci, the marketplace for ventures, a great opportunity for Italian startups

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SiamoSoci, the marketplace for startups and potential investors, online since last october, has yesterday announced the closing of some deals due to the great potential of the platform. 
Rocket Design  (Rock design furniture) found support for 100k euros in only 48 hours; Viamente (Route Planner) raised 300 k euros and Geomercato (online spending a short chain) raised 500 k , a co-investment between private and the VC fund dPixel.
We are not speaking of millionaires investments, yet, but the Italian startups ecosystem is steadily growing and some other data disclosed by SiamoSoci return an idea of vivacity.
In few months, SiamoSoci sought the registration of over 380 startup companies and 200 investors, 40 completed projects have already been published on the site, 10 million of investment capital potentially available.
"It' s obvious that the Italian startups eco system is growing. For younger who believe in this and in their ideas, SiamoSoci is a powerful tool that takes advantage of the great power of the internet. Much depends on how the startup is presented: if the economic evaluation is reasonable and informations complete, investors interest is immediate. Rocket Design is great example, 100.000 euros in 48 hours for Italian context is an absolute record. Italian startups now have an extraordinary opportunity to reach investors with whom they would never come into contact. On the other hand, we also offer several benefits to investors, referenced deal flow, access to business plans and the opportunity to meet with other investors and get the deal together. "
The registration on the platform for both startups and investors is currently free, SiamoSoci requires only a commission on the investment operations carried out, temporarily suspended until September 2012 to promote the growth of the participants to the platform.
SiamoSoci was founded by nine businessmen (some well-known in digital industry) who have combined their experiences of success in the web and in the financial sector with the common goal of stimulating growth through innovation and the creation of new businesses. The vision that brought together the nine entrepreneurs in SiamoSoci project is strongly oriented to the development of young Italian talent, as a means of sustainable economic development of the country.
SiamoSoci philosophy is basically “angel investing” , based on the belief that ideal interlocutors  for new business are senior entrepreneurs with financial resources, expertise and strong networks.



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